Great Tips on Moving and Storage

Metuchen Real Estate “A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body” – Benjamin Franklin

This is true from one of our founding fathers whom is immortalized on the $100 Bill, but waaaaaaaaaaaay before a house can be turned into your home, you and your family must move there first. And that requires a moving company, or some heavy lifting friends.

As we all know, moving your family belongings is not only time consuming, but it is an important and delicate task. You don’t want to trust this duty with just anyone, and let’s be honest, I don’t even want my friends touching things in my house without even MOVING it, it seems when it  comes to my possessions, my friends are all thumbs. Might as well hire a professional.

But before you do choose people to assist your move, check with the New Jersey Regulatory Business Section, at (973)504-6442 or 6512 to learn if the mover your entrusting with your possessions, make sure they are licensed and if they have had complaints filed against them. Ignorance may be bliss, but when your stuff doesn’t show up at your new house, bliss will be the last thing you feel.

Once you have varified that the mover or warehouseman is licensed, the moving company must do the following:

Schedule an on-site survery of goods you are planning to move

2. Provide a copy of the required written estimate, tip not included

3. Provided a copy of the brochure titled: “Here are some important things that you should know before you hire a moving company”

    • The cost can be estimated on an hourly rate (which has it’s plus and minus), the weight of your shipment and the distance that your stuff will travel or by the cubic measurement
  • NEVER, NEVER EVER EVER, pack jewelry, money or other valuables with your goods to be moved. Granted, I am not saying every mover is a crook, but like any other group of people, they exist. And the mover is not responsible for items of extreme value. If you have a briefcase full of gold bricks, firstly, God bless ya, secondly, move it yourself. I don’t think I would trust my parents holding onto that.
  • Movers can pack for you, but there’s a charge for that. But I say, make sure it’s done right, do it yourself. Because the mover may not care about your collection of Norman Rockwell Collective Plates, but you sure do.
  • Confirm the method of payment during the on-site survey
  • Be sure to check your goods as they are being delivered. If lost or damaged items is discovered, NOTIFY THE MOVERS IMMEDIATELY! Granted, this should be considered common sense, but you don’t want to stay silent at the risk of being rude, in exchange for damaged property. A damage claim can be filed for up to 90 days after the move date. The company, according to law,  unless you purchase additional coverage, the mover is required to compensate you only up to 60 cents on the pound, per article, for the damages.Metuchen Real Estate