Ten Ways To Make the Most of Your Home’s Value Part 1

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Ten Ways To Make the Most of Your Home’s Value

Metuchen Real Estate

Buying a Home in Metuchen?

Selling a Home in Metuchen?

Here are some of your information you should know in either case

For the past five years or so, buyers have had the upper hand when concerning the purchase of a home, due to the recession of the economy. And because of this market, Sellers have had to appeal to the tastes and demands of these fastidious buyers. 

But before one attempts to market their home in these “Buyer” Times, take note of these ten ways sellers can devalue their home and ways to potentially fix said problems:

1. Lack of Curb Appeal 

Metuchen Real Estate

Metuchen Real Estate

With complete understanding, the first thing any potential buyer will see is the front of your home.  Like everyone, we want a home that is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. A poorly kept landscape, much as one’s personal appearence, will certainly influence one’s feeling on a home. As if you may be meeting a potential date, in a bar or other social setting, one will get further dressed nicely and put together, as opposed to showing up with a New York Jets Sweatshirt, complete with sweat/food stains on the front. Not saying people will not look passed such infractions, but the odds are better if you present your home through mass appeal. Some may like a front yard that is completely blacktopped over, but over-all, most prefer a home with an astethically pleasing front yard. Keeping up with a few flowers, freshly cut grass and pruded bushes, will more than likely create interest among buyers, by making the most welcoming first impression as possible.

2. Home’s Exterior

 Metuchen Real Estate 

Some homes have broken or dirty windows, completely out of date doors, chipped paint, old rusty screens, rusted or broken rails, snapped stairs or cracked sidewalks, can all potentially devalue your home. Just as a potential buyer is drawn to fabulous landscape and first impressions, these flaws can draw just the same amount of negative attention. This type of neglection can often make their mind wonder. “If they let the exterior become so neglected, what could be the case inside” These people don’t know you, they idea is to put your best foot forward. Invest in a fresh coat of paint, fix stairs, replace railings, wash dirty windows and make your home as easily accessable as possible. Let them know your home is reflected and worth the price of asking.

3. Outdated Kitchens

Metuchen Real Estate

Kitchens can be the backbone of your home. They can make or break the way your home is percieved. People want to walk into your kitchen and fall in love with it. They want to imagine cooking a Thanksgiving dinner in there, kids running around it, chatting with family members, no one wants to do that in an out of date, dark, dingy kitchen. If you have the means, do a full renovation on the kitchen, make it appealing to buyers, if your worried about this cost, you will be able to gather up to 90% of the cost upon closing of your new home. If you cannot, a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets, doors or new laminate on the counter tops goes a long way, especially if your working on a budget

4. Welcoming Bathrooms

Metuchen Real Estate

 Having your bathroom completely out of date are certain to have an affect on the sale price of your home. Everyone has to use the bathroom and everyone wants to use it in a welcoming atmosphere. Buyers look for nice/updated bathrooms, just as much as people are interested in nice/updated kitchens. If you can, update your bathroom completely, which should result in nearly an 80% return on your investment. Look for newer fixtures, lighting and flooring, as much as your budget will allow. If you cannot, make it welcoming, well decorated, clean and fresh smelling, which competely affect the buyers thoughts.

5. Taste Specific Decorating

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 Listen, be reasonable. Not every potential buyer that walks into your home is Andy Warhol, don’t decorate your homes as such. If you have specific decorating tastes, that’s fine, but know that it may turn off certain buyers. Buyers want to picture themselves in your home, much like the kitchen, if you have shag carpeting, black walls and out dated furnature, may potentially turn off buyers. Broaden your home’s appeal by painting it a neutral color, or the buyer may result in a significant drop in an offering price.

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