Ten Ways to Make the Most Of Your Home’s Value Part II

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Ten Ways to Make the Most Of Your Home’s Value Part II

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Be Sure to Read These Before You Decide to Market or List Your Home:

6. Beware of Specific Renovations Design

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Listen, were all different. We all have different tastes. Some love hot dogs, some don’t eat meat. Were all different. The same can be said on the design of our home. Have you ever wondered into an Open House and thought, “What Were They Thinking?”? We all have. Whether it be a fireplace out of a George Orwell Novel, a kitchen that reminds you of the Birthplace of Lincoln, or a living room out of an Art Gallery.  These choices, though aesthetically pleasing to you, may be a difficult sell to your average buyers  with a more “average” taste in style, will be thinking about ripping apart the room and replacing it within their own tastes. If they have to do so, it will inevitably affect the price they are willing to pay for your home. Remember, your tastes are unique, if your designs represent that unique taste, you will have to sell it with someone who has interest in those specific designs, making it more difficult to sell. Keep that in mind while making renovations to your home.

7. Projects You Have Done Yourself That Hurt Your HomeEdison Real Estate

 Don’t get us wrong, do it yourself projects can be fun, cost-effective and leave you the feeling of being accomplished. But let’s face it, were not all Bob Villa. It’s not so hard to believe to find uncompleted projects or poorly done projects throughout a home. These projects will make potential buyers cringe at the thought of doing something over again or paying a professional to redo an aspect of the home.  Buyers, again, don’t know you, all they see is the cost of fixing a home, rather than appreciate your hard work put into your home and will reflect so on the price their willing to pay. Before you put your home on the market, if you have done things yourself, have a contractor come in and look at the changes made, they will give you a professional opinion and will hopefully give you a price on how to fix said project.

8. Pets

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 We all love pets. They ad an extra member to a household and give you the opportunity to share love with them. But they can also bring unwanted issues while attempting to sell your home. They can potentially damage carpeting, flooring, walls or woodwork which need to be addressed before you list your home.  A deep carpet cleaning can lessen the smell of pet odors also staining.  Most people would not like to move into a home with clear evidence of pets living there, without even considering the case that they buyer may have allergies. While the home is on the market, the smart move is to leave the pet(s) with a relative or a friend, just to help the sale of your home, it may be hard to do, but it will allow you to make those changes and create the greatest potential of a quality offer that’s possible.

9. Wasted Square Footage

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 Certain addtions, such as a pool house, gym, redone basement or spacious living can work for the personality of a home owner, like everything else, some potential buyers may consider these aspects to be a waste of space and turn them off on the price that reflects the space. Getting the square footage down to used space can be a very large and costly endeavor, but may also be reflected in a buyer’s overall cost. Just know it can detract from the overall value of your home.

10. Extra Water Features

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 You may love your pool, hot tub and adore your waterfall, but buyers may simply look at these things as another expense while owning your home. Whether it be water bills, electricity or simply the taxes of the amenities, they all factor into the buyers thoughts. Weather conditions affect even the most well constructed pools, eventually they will have to be resurfaced. And those looking at your home with small children can potentially see these things as hazards to their children. Though these are parts of your home that you may love, please know, that some buyers may request these items removed or filled in before the time of closing, don’t take it personal, think of it as a potential area of a deal that needs to be addressed in order to sell your home. If you don’t wish to help with these changes, be sure to know, it may very well affect the price being offered for your home.


These are not entirely necessary to follow in order for your to sell your home, just good guidelines to assist in your home sale. From exterior appeal, kitchen/bathroom updating and pet evidence and water fixtures. Look at your home and think of the greater good that will make your home accessable to the greatest number of buyers that will be appealing. Good luck in your home search!

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