Halloween in New Jersey 2016

Halloween in New Jersey 2016/Haunted Houses

Halloween in New Jersey 2016

Halloween in New Jersey 2016

Haunted Houses (Adult)

We all love being scared. Whether it be from a horror movie or pranks, why not try the real thing? Within the realm of Safety of course. New Jersey is home to a bunch of fun Haunted Attractions that are not for the faint of heart

Halloween in New Jersey 2016

Bloodshed Farms Fear Fest

Halloween in New Jersey 2016

2919 Route 206

Columbus, NJ

BloodShed Farms Fear Fest has 4 attractions for 2016 – Hellsgate Asylum (A mental institution modelled after the 1950’s), Trail of Terror (A 1/2 mile corn trail walk through the Murter family farm house, an abondoned mine shaft, cannabilistic woods, a slaughter house, and more!), Clown – o – Phobia (totally redesigned walk through with LOTS of new scares), Last Ride haunted hay ride (redesigned with more scenes and more scareactors) and as always we will feature a nightly party like atmosphere with a DJ Cuddles, food, roaming scaracters, games, entertainment, and more.

For More Information: http://www.newjerseyhauntedhouses.com/halloween/bloodshed-farms-fear-fest-nj.html

Oasis Island of Terror

Halloween in New Jersey 2016

3 Circle Drive

Robbinsville, NJ

The Destination To Fear!

As We Prepare For Your Arrival, You Should Prepare For Your Survival!

The staff at Oasis Island of Terror is dying to check you in!

The Oasis Island of Terror attraction is the most realistic walkthrough Halloween haunt in New Jersey. Oasis Island of Terror offers a unique haunt experience designed to heighten your inner fears and senses.

Our attraction is an over 1 mile-long haunted trail, that will lead you on a heart racing journey through terrifying sights and sounds that will leave you trembling amongst the twisted cattails, the gnarled oaks, and the towering cornstalks, from the scares lurking at every turn!

It’s time to confront your fears, face your phobias, and feel the experience of where reality ends and fiction begins!

Our haunted trail will shock you, startle you, rattle you, and maybe even make you cry!

The myths are real. There is no explanation. Bodies have been found, and grave sites and churches have been destroyed. But people just won’t stay away!

See if you have what it takes to survive the most realistic walkthrough haunt in New Jersey!

Are you brave enough to make it through? Brave enough to survive?

Then get ready to face your fears, confront your phobias, escape the outbreak, and get off the island… if you can!

For More Information: http://www.newjerseyhauntedhouses.com/halloween/oasis-islandterror-nj.html

NIGHT OF HORROR Adventure Farm

Halloween in New Jersey 2016

1339 Old Indian Mills Road

Shamong, NJ

Night of Horror features 4 nighttime attractions
The Jersey Devil Haunted Walk Thru Corn Maze (parental discretion advised)
The moonlight is your only guide through the 10 foot cornstalks that surround you on a trail that has pure terror around every corner you walk. So what is your worst nightmare…? Zombies…? Clowns…? Chainsaw madmen…? The Jersey Devil…? Experience all your worst fears as you journey through this cornfield encountering different themed scenes that will test you in every way. It’s sure to make you scream!

Admission is $15.00 per person

*Parental discretion is advised – Jersey Devil Haunt is not recommended for children under 13

Zombie Invasion Shootout Hayride (ages 10 and up)
The Zombie apocalypse has come to V & V Adventure Farm. Help save the farm by joining the “hunt”. We have built a zombie destroying trailer and a special kind of weapon and ammo to stop these flesh eating zombies. Help us contain the infestation. Join us today and help us save the world!
The zombies will not be shooting back at you. The guns are mounted to arcade like swivels so you cannot shoot your neighbor and they cannot shoot you. You cannot bring any of your own ammo. We will supply everything you need.

Age limit
We recommend ages 10 and up due to the kids being able to reach the mounted guns. For your safety, no lap riding is allowed.

Zombie invasion Shootout Hayride $25.00 per person
120 shots included ($10.00 for additional 120 shots)

Flashlight Cornmaze (non haunt)
The Corn Maze isn’t challenging enough? How about we make it a little more interesting… Experience our corn maze in total darkness! All you need is a flashlight and a few friends.
(Flashlights are available for purchase)

Admission is $6.00 per person

Hayride, S’mores & More (non haunt)
Enjoy a “glow” hayride around the farm and then head to our beautiful fire pit area to roast your own S’mores.

Admission is $8.00 per person

For More Information: http://www.newjerseyhauntedhouses.com/halloween/nighthorror-nj.html

BANE Haunted Attraction

Halloween in New Jersey 2016

630 W Mount Pleasure Ave.

Livingston, NJ


Looking for the scare of your life? Do you want to have an adrenaline rush unlike any other? Then come and test your boundaries of fear at BANE, NJ’s scariest and most interactive haunted attraction. We are now proud to announce that BANE will be located in the old Katherine Gibbs College on Route 10 West in Livingston NJ! BANE has expanded from 17,000 square feet to a brand spanking new 40,000 square foot space and we’re bringing the heat! Get ready for a brand new, crazier, scarier, and even more interactive haunted attraction that is guaranteed to knock your socks off!!!

But beware as you enter for little Jennifer Bane is awaiting your arrival… and…… she’s HUNGRY!!!!

Deemed “The Scariest Haunted House in New Jersey” by The Star-Ledger, Bane Haunted House is entirely interactive. All of our spooks and scares come from live actors; there are no animatronics or stock experiences. In fact, each and every visit to our Livingston, NJ haunted house will yield a different result!

Haunted house visitors are brought through the house in very small groups to allow for an up close and personal experience. Our actors will come into contact with you at points, but you are in no danger of being harmed.

For More Information: http://www.newjerseyhauntedhouses.com/halloween/bane-livingston-mall-nj.html

C. Casola Farms Haunted Attractions

Halloween in New Jersey 2016

131 Route 79 S

Marlboro, NJ

Variety of Attractions. For More Information: http://www.newjerseyhauntedhouses.com/halloween/c-casola-farms-haunted-hayrideterror-nj.html


Halloween in New Jersey 2016

355 Plaza Drive

Secaucus, NJ

The much-anticipated debut in New Jersey and Boston and returning to New York and Los Angeles is the most iconic, truly unique family-friendly fall event, RISE of the Jack O’Lanterns!

Come see 5,000 hand-carved illuminated jack o’lanterns creatively arranged along a scenic walking path and set to a musical score designed to bring out the Halloween spirit in visitors of all ages! The various new and exciting themes created for 2016 are sure to impress both RISE newbies and returning RISE fans.

***All New for 2016 in New Jersey!***

• DOUBLE the number of intricately carved 100+lbs pumpkins!
• MULTI-PUMPKIN STRUCTURES of dinosaurs, dragons, safari animals, and characters from favorite movies, including one that will make you feel like you’re in a galaxy far, far, away.
• FOUR live-carving stations where you can watch our artists create the different types of displays you see in the show all right before your eyes!
• AND so much more…

The pumpkin trail at RISE of the Jack O’Lanterns is well lit and well staffed to ensure that the experience is always safe and enjoyable for visitors of all ages. Come visit The RISE and enjoy a unique, family-friendly experience that lasts a lifetime.

Children 2 and under are FREE! Advanced tickets required.

For More Information: http://www.newjerseyhauntedhouses.com/halloween/rise-of-the-jack-olanterns-at-meadowlands-exposition-center-nj.html


Halloween in New Jersey 2016

116 South Branch Rd

Hillsborough, NJ

ScareFarm, formerly Creepy Hollow has three great haunts:
Creepy Hollow, a walk through haunted corn trail; Paranoia, also a walk through haunted corn trail and the Slay Ride a Haunted Hay Ride.

About the Attractions:

The Creepy Hollow story is one of the most complex and darkest parts of the whole Scare Farm history. Although it’s been over a century since the Atrum family farmed this property the locals called Creepy Hollow, their evil legacy remains. Could it have been the pull of this dark land that changed something in them? Neighbors would say that the scarecrows were there for more than just scaring the crows away and you could always hear maniacal laughter through the red corn. So come and walk the same fields where ‘Old Eli’ grew and harvested his gruesome crop and “Live The Story…Or Die Trying.”

The Slay Ride: Is it possible for a place to drive a person to madness and terror? While the concentration
of strange, twisted and tragic events continue in the darkness under the cold harvest moon, take a hayride at night and you will see the truth revealed. Once the sun goes down and the mask of this happy fall destination is stripped away, you will see Scare Farm as it truly exists. The terror is real, your nightmares can come to life and madness rules the land. So if you have ever thought about taking a haunted hayride during the Harvest Moon, climb aboard “The Slay Ride” and Fear the Ride!

Paranoia: Do you know the meaning of Paranoia? It is a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by
anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes beliefs of conspiracy concerning a perceived threat towards oneself…e.g. “Everyone is out to get me.” We will explore you deepest and darkest fears in this walk through the corn field that is planted on the sacred burial grounds! Do you know what really scares you? Well we do! And remember while you are in Paranoia “Everyone Really Is Out To Get You”

We also invite you to try The Corn Maze (non haunted attraction)

For More Information: http://www.newjerseyhauntedhouses.com/halloween/creepy-hollownorz-hill-farm–nj.html

Halloween in New Jersey 2016


Halloween in New Jersey 2016

2 Brighton Ave

Passaic, NJ

Brighton Asylum is proud to present it’s newest attraction, THE TUNNEL.


Board our 75 year old service elevators, sometimes reliable and often violent, and descend deep under the brick and mortar of Brighton Asylum to explore the long forgotten tunnel system that once allowed its staff to move undetected beneath the grounds.

Once a brilliantly devised system, over time became a breeding ground for unsanctioned patient experiments, living quarters for staff gone mad, and attempted patient escapes and hiding.

Some say that the tunnels became just as dangerous as Brighton Asylum itself, if not more so. If you manage to make it through the tunnels unscathed, you still have the maximum security Brighton Asylum and its inhabitants to contend with. Buy tickets by clicking HERE or use the ticket link above.

NOTE: “The Tunnel” is the first attraction experienced. Brighton Asylum is experienced second. You will not be exiting The Tunnel and getting on a separate queue line. The attractions are experienced one after another with a short queue line between attractions indoors.

For More Information: http://www.newjerseyhauntedhouses.com/halloween/night-mares-haunted-attraction-nj.html


Halloween in New Jersey 2016

2 Brighton Ave

Passaic, NJ

Brighton Asylum is a nationally ranked haunted house, called “The Scariest Place On Earth” by The Today Show, called “The #1 Best Haunt In America For Millennials” By The Huffington Post, ranked one of America’s top haunted houses 2 years running (#10 in 2014, #4 in 2015) by Haunted Attraction Magazine, featured on Fox News, Z100, and countless other media outlets and features multiple attractions for your entertainment.

Brighton Asylum is simply the most detailed, the most interactive, the most unique, and the scariest haunted house you will visit this Halloween PERIOD! We assault all your senses with BETTER than top quality custom interactive sets, sounds, special effects, insane characters, and horror movie style scares!

Experience The Tunnel, Brighton Asylum, Brighton Asylum Escape with 4 world class escape rooms including 1408 Escape, The Tomb, The Device and Bomb Squad, and our all new Zombie Attack, where you get to shoot zombies with realistic looking replicas of actual M4 rifles! We updated Brighton Asylum 100% in 2015 and now for 2016, we set the scare bar to a whole new level by updating it another 70%! NO HAUNT DOES THAT!

WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING: Brighton Asylum sells out! We are the ONLY haunted house in New Jersey that consistently sells out so guarantee your admission with advanced tickets. Get your tickets now at http://www.brightonasylum.com/tickets

For More Information: http://www.newjerseyhauntedhouses.com/halloween/brighton-asylum-nj.html


Halloween in New Jersey 2016

831 Windsor Perrineville Rd

East Windsor, NJ

The Field of Terror is New Jersey’s Largest Haunted Attraction Farm. We own over 120 acres of preserved farmland where we host our annual Haunted Hayride, Field of Terror Cornmaze, and 2 walk-through attractions..The Unknown and Dementia.. as well as our family friendly flashlight maze. This Family owned and operated business bringins chills and thrills to guests from all over the East Coast!! Visit us this fall and experience the Terror for yourself at the Field of Terror..with 4 unique Terror-filled attractions!!

For More Information: http://www.newjerseyhauntedhouses.com/halloween/fieldterror-nj.html


Halloween in New Jersey 2016

151 Brick Blvd

Brick, NJ

Scary Rotten Farms, A Haunted Experience in Central New Jersey, Featuring Two TERRIFYING HAUNTS! Sinister Sneed’s Chaotic Carnival of Chaos and THE FORBIDDEN : The Inbred & Nearly Dead!
Sinister Sneed’s Chaotic Carnival is a TwIsTeD Carnival where the many helpless souls find themselves enslaved by Sneed’s evil doing… Jacob Sneed’s first foray into the realm of bargaining with the Devil seemed fruitless—yet as his traveling carnival teetered on the brink of bankruptcy, Sneed faced little choice other than to beg the Prince of Darkness to save his doomed festival-on-wheels. But what possible use could the Devil have for pathetic Sneed or his carnival? None—or so it appeared. The diabolical chief of the demons denied his request, leveraging the weak mind of Sneed and driving the pathetic has-been of a businessman to slash his own throat. But Lucifer, the master of deception, knew what he was doing. Upon Sneed’s death the Devil reconsidered, bestowing immortality upon the unsuspecting Sneed. Of course, this came with a price… all bargains with the Tempter must come with a price. Though now enslaved to the Devil, Sneed reluctantly has accepted the dictates of his covenant and has embarked upon his CHAOTIC CARNIVAL OF CHAOS FROM TOWN TO TOWN BEGINNING WITH YOURTOWN, where he has commenced the gathering of helpless souls for the Devil. So enter SINISTER SNEED’S CHAOTIC CARNIVAL OF CHAOS at your own risk and relinquish the notion that you will ever return home. Simply accept the joyless dread that your dwindling days of life now offer, as your exit IS NOT GUARANTEED!!!!!

THE FORBIDDEN: The inbred and nearly dead. Welcome to MILLER’S MILL family campground, a summertime dreamscape set deep in a lush wooded forest of the Jersey Pine Barrens — or so the tainted remnant of the House of Miller would have you think. Something here at MILLER’S MILL is amiss, though anyone — indeed, everyone — who has ever come to this reprehensible conclusion never returns to society to share such a revelation… Campers are disappearing… The bodies that have been found, by all appearances, seem to have been skinned alive!Rumor has it that a backwoods family of inbred mutants are kidnapping the campers and bringing them to a CHOP SHOP hidden within the clan’s compound. Here the campers are subject to unspeakable torment, where still-conscious victims witness in anguish the extraction of each others’ body parts which before their plagued eyes these human scraps are haplessly hung from ancient trees as trophies… NO ONE ESCAPES THE FAMILY ALIVE!!!!!

Both haunts are very SCARY and Not recommended for children under 13 unless accompanied by an adult.

For More Information: http://www.newjerseyhauntedhouses.com/halloween/scary-rotten-farms–nj.html

Dracula’s Domain

Halloween in New Jersey 2016

569 Monmouth Road

Jackson, NJ

Dracula’s Domain is New Jerseys’ premier Haunted Attraction conveniently located in Jackson New Jersey, next to Six Flags. Face your fears on a horrifying hayride in the dark of the night through 66 haunted acres. If you’re lucky enough to survive the ride, walk through the twists and turns of the Psycho Path for the most horrifying walk of your life. Redesigned for 2016 the Dead End Corn Maze… Find your way through a labyrinth of corn terrorized by zombies and the criminally insane, an attraction no haunt seeker would want to miss out on!

For More Information: http://www.newjerseyhauntedhouses.com/halloween/draculas-domain-nj.html

Halloween in New Jersey 2016

Haunted Scarehouse

Halloween in New Jersey 2016

105 West Dewey Ave

Wharton, NJ

Haunted Scarehouse – Two Floors of Fear!! Regarded by Halloween enthusiasts as Jersey’s most original and innovative haunted attraction, Haunted Scarehouse features two floors of heart-stopping entertainment. Rooms decorated like movie sets, jaw-dropping props, disorienting noises, actors heightening your tension, ratcheting up your fear—it’s all here for your enjoyment. Your night of nonstop shock begins once you set foot on the eerie premises. The lobby, featuring horror memorabilia, TV screens, photo ops, and enticing merchandise, boosts your excitement for the award-winning show. Navigate the darkness, explore two gigantic haunted houses, journey through numerous rooms created by expert set builders, interact with special effects, animated walls, fearfully realistic set pieces and scenes—everything a professional haunted house should be, and much, much more. Inspired by the imaginative genius of pioneer Walt Disney and his theme parks, Scarehouse’s creative team strives to match Disney’s awe-inspiring levels of craftsmanship, detail, and live performance. Come and experience for yourself why Haunted Scarehouse was rated Scariest Haunt in North Jersey by Fright Tour 2013. This year try out the all new Trapped: An Escape Room Adventure!

For More Information: http://www.newjerseyhauntedhouses.com/halloween/haunted-scarehouse-nj.html


Halloween in New Jersey 2016

1005 Farmingdale Rd.

Jackson, NJ

Have you heard of the tale of Gravity Hill in Jackson?

There’s a road where if you stop your car, shift it in neutral, the car will mysteriously be pushed up hill by an unknown force. The story behind Gravity Hill goes back into Jackson’s dark past, from a time when Jackson’s number one tourism draw was the countless acres of wooded forest and secluded fields frequented by New York and North Jersey’s mafia kingpins of the forties and fifties. You see, back then, Jackson was a notorious drop off point for those who had “conflicts of interest” with organized crime syndicates. Those who owed money earned a one way ticket to the Pine Barrens.

Another story of Gravity Hill revolves around a young girl being brutally murdered in the 19th century in a home near Gravity Hill which is adjacent to Cicconi Farms. Why does your car mysteriously get pushed up hill? Some say that the ghost of the girl’s father pushes cars up the hill to take them away from the danger where his daughter was brutally murdered. Some people even say that if you sprinkle baby powder on the trunk of your car, when you get to the top of Gravity Hill, you will see hand prints in the dust.

The story of Gravity Hill actually goes back much further and rises from the dead as one of New Jersey’s largest terror walks. This is no hayride and is not for the faint of heart. The walk brings visitors close and personal with the Haunted past. Dare to step through the village Gates at Gravity Hill you will be Terrorized by an army of Ghouls, Zombies and the Macabre.

You Can’t Wake From This Nightmare!
This is definitely not a hayride !

For More Information: http://www.newjerseyhauntedhouses.com/halloween/nightmaregravity-hill-cicconi-farms-nj.html


Halloween in New Jersey 2016

448 Lincoln Mill Rd.

Mullica Hill, NJ

Located at Creamy Acres Farms, in Mullica Hill, NJ; Night of Terror is the Philadelphia / South Jersey area’s premier haunted attraction. 6 Haunted Attractions include 2 haunted houses, award winning Ride of Terror haunted hayride, 2 outside walk through attractions and haunted corn maze.

Also on location, is the Haunted Paintball Ride. Shoot at scenes, props and Live Zombies from the safety of your wagon ride seat.

For More Information: http://www.newjerseyhauntedhouses.com/halloween/nightterror-nj.html

Halloween in New Jersey 2016

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Halloween in New Jersey 2016

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