Winter Tips: Snow Removal

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Winter Tips: Snow Removal

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard! Be Ready for The Winter Storms!

6. Remember: De-Ice Correctly

Winter Tips: Snow Removal

Most people think that just throwing rock salt on it and calling it a day is the way to go after shoveling. Well, though it’s not a terrible plan, rock salt only works when the temperature is above 12 degrees (Fahrenheit). So if it’s less than that, then you’d have better luck putting it on the rim of your margarita. Also, salt can be extremely harsh to plants, scrubs, or grass. ” Two other salts, magnesium chloride and calcium chloride, cost more but are less harsh (though still not great for plants) and work at much lower temps than rock salt (from 20 to 25 degrees below zero F). Still pricier is a nonsalt option called urea. It’s usually used as a fertilizer, and it can be a little tough to find. Wear gloves when spreading any deicer by hand. For large areas, use a handheld spreader or a push spreader, but not a grass spreader (the deicing granules will gunk up its gears). Store deicers off the floor or in a sealed bucket to keep them dry.” – via

7. Watch Your Step, Avoid Black Ice

Winter Tips: Snow Removal

This may seem like the most obvious advice, but in the throws of battling the snow, it is easy to forget. Be careful on places like your stairs and make sure your sidewalk is clear from black ice, no one likes a lawsuit. Use sand or kitty litter (also a good tip for your tires to gain traction in the slip of the snow, also, in a pitch, if you have no sand or kitty litter in your car and you are stuck somewhere, release your inner MacGyver, and use your car’s floor mat, place it behind your tire and back up on to it, just don’t forget it in the snow). For best sand, use sandbox sand over mason’s sand, as sandbox sand is far courser and will yield the best results. But if you want to avoid lawn destruction, use alfalfa meal, which is a slow acting fertilizer.


Winter Tips: Snow Removal

Though this isn’t the most viable option for all of us, if you have the means, use a snowblower. There is no better weapon to use against the onslaught of weather, especially if the snow reaches 11 1/2 inches or more.  Use silicone(spray) on the outshoot of the machine, to keep it from sticking and piling up, furniture polish also works wonders on this. After your finished, let it run for another 10-15 minutes so the snowblower can dry itself off. Your back will thank you in the morning.

9. When Shoveling, move in the same Direction

Winter Tips: Snow Removal

When shoveling, nothing takes more abuse than your back. Avoid twisting, and shovel and unload in the same direction. Push it in the same direction you aim to dump it. Also avoid getting plowed in by using this simple trick:

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10. Pay Someone Else to Do It

Winter Tips: Snow Removal

Listen, no one wants to shovel snow. If you have the means, hire a kid in the neighborhood to do it, or guilt a relative into doing it. Call in favors, Christmas gifts, Wedding presents, whatever it is you have to do to avoid doing it yourself. If a kid is ambitious enough he’ll ask you before you have to ask them, personally, I know I used to do this as a pre-adolescent youth, totally worth it.

By Dan Farley 

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