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Bridgewater Real Estate

OPEN HOUSE – Bridgewater Real Estate – 1 Bogart Drive – Sunday, October 1st 2017 from 1pm-4pm


Deborah Kerr and the Kerr Team

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Open House, Sunday, October 1st 2017

From  1pm-4pm

Bridgewater Real Estate

Sunday, October 1st 2017 

From 1pm-4pm

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Bridgewater Real Estate

1 Bogart Drive

Bridgewater, NJ 08807


Bridgewater Real Estate

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Bridgewater Real Estate

Elegant Colonial in Bridgewater Ready For You

Step in to luxury at this corner lot home, with ample yard and tons of curb appeal. Upon entrance, you are greeted with the opulent foyer, with vaulted ceilings, chandelier, hardwood flooring, and bay window above the door way, immediately introducing you and your guests to the bliss offered by this home. The spacious living, sundrenched and brightly colored, with wall to wall carpeting, promotes the comfort, yet elegance of this colonial, with a separate dining room with chandelier. The kitchen is completely updated, with newer appliances, granite countertops, bright cabinetry, and ornate tiling, extending to the separate dining area. The tiling extends to the exquisite family room, with wood-burning fireplace, vaulted ceilings (with view from the second floor), and plenty of light. The den is also brightly colored and allows plenty of sunlight on the wall to wall carpeting, ensuring comfort for everyone. The first floor is complete with a washer and dryer area, and refined powder room, with new fixtures, and wall covering vanity mirror. The second floor is stunning, complete with wall to wall carpeting, three spacious bedrooms, full updated bathroom, and master bedroom with walk-in closet, and master bathroom, with stall shower, twin sinks and jetted bathtub. All appliances are newer, with two zone forced hot air and central air. The backyard is vast and inviting, with plenty of space for any outdoor activity, regardless of the season. Great schools, and near all major highways and shopping malls. This Home is A MUST SEE!

Type – Single-Family House / Bridgewater Real Estate / Colonial

Bedrooms – Four

Full Bathrooms – 2.5

Open House – Sunday, October 1st 2017 from 1pm-4pm


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OPEN HOUSE, Sunday, October 1st 2017

From 1pm-4pm

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Fall Life Hacks

Autumn Life Hacks – 15 Tips to Make Your Fall the Best it Can Be!

Autumn Life Hacks

15 Tips to Make Fall the Best Season Yet!

Fall Life Hacks

Summer is behind us, and with the start of the fall season comes a ton of wonderful things, leaves changing, cooling weather, pumpkin picking, apple cider, Halloween, and so many other activities. But how can you optimize your fall experience for both your home and yourself?

Well, look no further! Let the Kerr Team share tips with you so you can enjoy the season, with:

15 Tips to Make the Fall Your Season Yet!

Fall Life Hacks

  1. Make Pumpkins Last! 

There’s nothing worse than watching your picked pumpkins decay on your front porch. As they rot, they attract a variety of animals and insects feasting upon them. Stop this natural process by taking a spray bottle and filling it with a mixture of bleach and water. Coat the pumpkin and watch them last until after Halloween.

2. Easy Leaf Cleaning

With the season comes a massive leaf cleanup, especially if you have a deck or a patio. It looks sloppy and can be a problem to maintain. If you don’t have a leaf blower, because we all don’t own a landscaping company, this could be a tall task. Well work smarter, not harder. Use a simple house fan to blow the leaves where you want them to go, or into a pile. Makes for easy cleanup and looks even better.

3. Dry Your Shoes/Boots with Ease

During the season, it can easy for your footwear to become wet, and there’s nothing worse than walking around in a wet shoe. Well you don’t have to buy a new pair, nor break the bank cleaning them. Just grab some old newspaper and put them in the shoe, the paper will absorb the wetness, and overnight, your shoes will be dry.

Fall Life Hacks

4. Save a Wet Phone

In fairness, this one doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a shot instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new phone. With the season can come rain, which causes wet clothes. But that could be devastating to your electronics. If you get your phone wet, to save it, place it in a container with uncooked, white rice, overnight. The salts in the rice with pull the moisture out of the phone, and hopefully save the functionality of your phone.

5. Create a New Kind of Lunch Box

With the fall comes back to school. While at school, you want to save lunch to be as fresh as possible. Well re-purpose those old black CD cases into a lunch container. The air tight seal will conceal freshness and ensure a good meal. See picture belowFall Life Hacks

6. Heating Pinecones

Pinecones can be a very nice decorative piece for your Thanksgiving table or even on a coffee table. But Pinecones can be a hotbed for insects and other undesirables you wouldn’t like in your home. To prevent this, before displaying them, put them on a baking sheet and cook them at 250 degrees for a bout an hour. That will take care of any of those hitchhikers you wouldn’t want to display to guests.

Fall Life Hacks

7. Use Old Cinderblocks to Display Jack-o-lanterns

This one is fun, but it may not be worth it to go out an purchase. But if you have some cinderblocks lying around, you can adjust them into being displays for Jack-O-Lanterns and candles, that will not burn and will be aesthetically pleasing.

Fall Life Hacks

8. DIY Potpourri 

One of the best parts of the season are the smells. You can achieve this with a candle or a plug in spray. But these scents can be achieved in a cheap, simple way by making your own potpourri. Use a few cinnamon sticks, a couple sliced apples, some orange peels, cloves, and vanilla extract, and simmer them in a pot on a stove, and let simmer throughout the day (just keep adding water to prevent burning), and your home will smell amazing.

9. Unique Candles

This is an inexpensive way to display a unique style of candles for the season. Take a normal candle, the larger the better, and place them in a larger vase. With the space between the candle and the vase, pour popcorn kernels in the gaps and wrap a bow around the vase, and display it where appropriate.

Fall Life Hacks

10. Gutter Cleaning

Every year, several people get injured, or worse, while cleaning out their gutters, by falling off a ladder. Well avoid doing so, taking a shop vacuum and attach a PVC pipe that bends and simply do it from the ground. Your back will thank you, as will your friends and family be happy you did it in a safe and sound process.

11. Bathroom Pumpkins

This is a fun, yet practical thing for storage in your bathroom. With your extra rolls of toilet paper, wrap them in cheap tissue paper (you can even use the packaging paper from a gift bag you may have received), then cut an old toilet paper roll and roll the cardboard into a stem, and even take leaves from outside and glue them to the top. Your guests will think it’s cute, with paying barely anything.

Fall life hacks

12. While Landscaping, Use a Tarp

We’ve all had the struggle of raking leaves, then when putting them into leaf bags, half of the leaves fall out and become scattered all over again, causing you to have to do it all over again. Well work smarter, not harder. Rake the leaves onto a plastic tarp, then when full, just lift the tarp and dump into however you dispose of your leaves.

Fall Life Hacks

13. Make a Fall Themed Centerpiece

Putting flowers or a centerpiece in the center of your table, really makes the table look a lot better. But why not make it have a fall theme, without breaking the bank. Take a normal pumpkin, hallow it out, then place a glass or even an aluminum can in the center with some water, and fill with your choice of floral arrangement. This will sure to brighten up any meal.

14. Washing Potatoes Made Easy

Potatoes are a usual staple in any fall meal. The first part of creating the delicious side item is washing them. Some people washing them one by one in the sink, but why? Make it easy on yourself, especially if you’re making a lot of potatoes. Put them in the top shelf of your dishwasher and run them through a rinse cycle, without adding soap.

15. Cooking Potatoes Made Easy

After washing your potatoes, you of course need to cook them. Well it could take a long time and sometimes you don’t have a pot big enough to fit all of them. Boil water in a normal pot or kettle, put the potatoes in a regular cooler, then once it the kettle boils, pour the water over the potatoes, close the lid to the cooler, and let the potatoes cook in the cooler, add more boiled water as needed.

Fall Life Hacks

Use these tips to help have a prosperous season, while still having a fun time!

Fall Life Hacks

Presented By Deborah Kerr

Fall Life Hacks

Deborah Kerr

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2017 Edison Wine & Beer Festival

Metuchen Real Estate

Metuchen Real Estate – The New York Times : “Metuchen, N.J.: A ‘Doughnut Hole’ with a Storied Past and New Development”

Metuchen Real Estate!

Metuchen Real Estate

Check it out, as Featured in the “Living In” Section of the New York Times, the article titled: “Metuchen, N.J.: A ‘Doughnut Hole’ with a Storied Past and New Development” published on September 13th 2017, written by Julie Lasky

(For full article Click HERE , )

“In 1970, Donald Wernik, then the newly elected mayor of Metuchen, floated the idea of developing a six-acre commuter parking lot near the train station. He reasoned that an influx of commercial property would relieve some of the citizenry’s tax burden.

“But the people of Metuchen, a borough 25 miles southwest of Manhattan, with gracious single-family homes and a Bedford Falls-style Main Street, feared that new construction would bring too much density and destroy its small-town character.

“The lot remained in place for the next 40-something years, until the city sold it to Woodmont Properties, which developed a project with 273 residential units, about 17,000 square feet of retail, a high-rise parking deck and a half-acre plaza for public gatherings, including a weekly farmers’ market. The complex, Woodmont Metro at Metuchen Station, is 60 percent leased and will be completed by the end of the year.

“And guess who already lives there? Mr. Wernik, who in April moved with his wife, Joyce, into a two-bedroom apartment for which they pay $2,990 a month.

Metuchen Real Estate

“‘I’ve become the mayor of New Street now,’ Mr. Wernik, 92, said, referring to his current address and the crowd of acquaintances who continued to drop by long after he sold his family pharmacy and retired from politics. He is a little wistful about the days before World War II, when Metuchen was ‘a big field with a Main Street, just about.’ (His family moved there from Brooklyn, in 1926, and his grandfather helped found the first synagogue.) But he is hopeful for a future that will soon include a Whole Foods. The supermarket is scheduled to open in October, just steps from his door, across from another complex under construction with 80 housing units.

“Commonly described as a “’oughnut hole’ surrounded by Edison, N.J., Metuchen basks in its exceptionalism. It has been called the ‘brainy borough’ ever since 1915, when a local weekly newspaper won a competition with a paper that backed Glen Ridge, N.J., for the title, each naming a prominent citizen every week until the Glen Ridge list was exhausted. That was long before a young resident named David Kotkin (later David Copperfield) entertained neighbors with magic tricks and before the poet John Ciardi translated Dante while living on Graham Avenue (he later moved to Middlesex Avenue).

“But though Metuchen is a commuter town, with a rail station that accommodates 178,000 riders each month, its soul is on Main Street. The businesses, housed in time-roughened brick buildings, are small and unique. They include the Metuchen Savings Bank (established 1897), the Jewel Shop (established 1945) and a barbershop out of Norman Rockwell called Luigi’s.

“Peter Cammarano, the current mayor, said the large infusion of retail a couple of blocks away from this district alarmed some business owners, but will bring stability. ‘We’re starting to see more foot traffic on Main Street,’ he said. ‘We’re down to one vacancy; a couple of years ago, it was five or six.’

Metuchen Real Estate

“Ultimately, it is hoped that the developments will attract new energy to a town whose population of 13,871 has increased slightly in recent years but is still more than 2,000 shy of its height in the 1970s. “We’re getting a millennial resident coming out of Jersey City or Hoboken looking for something a little more affordable, a little more staid, in an area that isn’t quite as developed,” said Stephen Santola, an executive vice president of Woodmont Properties. Of the 162 units currently occupied at Woodmont Metro, only 10 to 15 percent are leased by Metuchen or Edison residents, he said.

Metuchen Real Estate

“What You’ll Find

“Deborah Kerr, a broker with Keller Williams and a lifelong Metuchen resident, said new construction isn’t limited to downtown. Throughout the city, old buildings are being torn down and replaced with larger houses that sometimes squeeze their lots and have ‘raised the price point a little bit.’

“Single-family homes dominate the sales market, she said, while townhouse condominiums make up about 20 percent. Among the older apartment complexes are Metuchen Manor and Redfield Village.

“Many of the pricier houses are clustered northeast of downtown, in the Middlesex Avenue-Woodwild Park Historic District. properties there include Greek Revival, Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival and Craftsmen houses dating from the mid-19th century to the 1940s. The district also has important buildings like the circa 1807 Old Franklin Schoolhouse and 1869 St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.

“Metuchen’s principal green space is Centennial Park, a 13-acre tract that opened in 2000, a century after the town was incorporated as a borough. A new playground at nearby Oakland Park is scheduled to open on Sept. 23.

“What You’ll Pay

“As of Sept. 10, the Central Jersey Multiple List Service website listed 54 homes for sale, from a one-bedroom condominium at the Metuchen Gardens complex on Prospect Street, priced at $165,000, to a six-bedroom 1850 house on Maple Avenue, priced at $1.75 million.

“According to Ms. Kerr, 87 single-family houses were sold between Jan. 1 and Sept. 1, at a median price of $484,525, after an average of 64 days on the market.

“The average price of a house in Metuchen, Ms. Kerr said, is currently about $600,000. She estimated that taxes on a resold house valued at about $300,000 are $7,000 to $9,000 a year, but can be “all over the map.” New construction is subject to later assessments, she noted, so taxes are likely to be higher.


Metuchen Real Estate

10 TULSA AVE. METUCHEN, NJ 08840, 4 Bed 2 Full Bath $469,900 Call Deborah Kerr 732-549-1998

“The Vibe

“A town with a palate-teasing variety of ethnic restaurants, a theater surviving from the age of vaudeville and a Revolutionary War graveyard is no bland suburban outpost. Though residents cope with increasing density and traffic, not to mention the city’s recent hiring of its first parking enforcement officer, they hang onto their old-timey values. Mr. Cammarano, the mayor, said, Metuchen is still the kind of place where if ‘you’re on Main Street and you do something wrong, your mother finds out about it — that hasn’t changed.’

“The Schools

“After declining enrollments led to a reorganization of Metuchen’s schools in the 1980s, the student population has been steadily growing. Today, said Vincent Caputo, the schools superintendent, 2,293 children are in the system, a 30 percent increase from 1991. “We’re watching it carefully,” he said of the growth, converting some spaces into classrooms and upgrading the infrastructure. “We don’t want kids sitting on radiators, and we don’t want teachers in closets.”

“Moss Elementary School enrolls 170 students in prekindergarten and kindergarten.

“Campbell Elementary School enrolls about 680 students in grades one through four. On 2017 state tests, 71 percent of students met standard in English versus 53 percent statewide; 70 percent met standards in math versus 51 percent statewide.

“Edgar Middle School enrolls about 730 students in grades five through eight. On state tests, 81 percent of students met standards in English versus 58 percent statewide; 58 percent met standards in math versus 40 percent statewide.

“Metuchen High School enrolls about 690 students. Mean SAT scores for the class of 2017 were 593 in reading and 585 in math, versus 539 and 537 statewide.

“The Commute

“New Jersey Transit offers frequent direct train service between Metuchen and Pennsylvania Station. The ride takes between 40 minutes and an hour, and costs $11.75 each way. A monthly pass is $336.

“The History

“According to a Federal Writers’ Project history of Metuchen, the town was named for Matouchin, a chief of the Raritan Indians who was believed to have died around 1700. The word is translated as “rolling upland,” though that may relate to the namesake’s home country rather than Metuchen’s actual topography. An Indian deed from 1677 refers to the area as Mateckshoning. ” – Posted from the article “Metuchen, N.J.: A ‘Doughnut Hole’ with a Storied Past and New Development” New York Times, written by Julie Lasky, published September 13th, 2017. For More information or full article, CLICK HERE

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