Autumn Tips for 2018

Incredible Autumn Tips to Make Your Life Easier Around The House

Incredible Autumn Tips to Make Your Life Easier Around the House

15 Tips to Make Fall the Best Season Yet!

Autumn Tips for 2018

Summer is behind us, and with the start of the fall season, while we bid farewell to the hot, sweaty days of summer, we welcome the seasonal changes such as leaves changing, cooling weather, pumpkin picking, apple cider, Halloween, and so many other activities. To optimize this experience can be a task in aggravation. Why stress yourself further than you need to? 

Let the Kerr Team share some simple tips with you so you can enjoy the season, with:

15 Tips to Ensure Fall is Your Best Season Yet!

Autumn Tips for 2018

1. Keep Pumpkins All Season Long! 

One of the joys of the season is pumpkin picking while exploring the outdoors, soaking up vitamin D, searching for the freshest, ideal pumpkin. Then, after a week or so, the pumpkin has rotted, an animal has destroyed it, or discoloration begins, before the season really takes hold. There’s nothing worse than watching your picked pumpkins decay on your front porch. As they rot, they attract a variety of animals and insects feasting upon them. Stop these natural hurdles by taking a spray bottle and filling it with a mixture of bleach and water (5 parts water, 1 part bleach). Coat the pumpkin and watch them last until after Halloween (Just don’t eat it!).

Autumn Tips for 2018

2. Leaf Clean-up Made Easy

As beautiful as foliage is, those beautiful leaves eventually fall to the ground. Leaving you with a massive clean-up on your hands. It is a lot easier with a leaf blower, but we all don’t have one. Well, work smarter not harder. Use a simple house fan to blow the leaves where you want them to go, or into a pile. Makes for easy cleanup and looks even better.

3. Shoes/Boots Drying with Ease

The season, with its beauty, brings wet weather,  with it, footwear becomes wet, and there’s nothing worse than walking around in a wet shoe. Instead of buying a new pair or breaking the bank cleaning them, just grab some old newspaper and put them in the shoe, the paper will absorb the wetness, and overnight, your shoes will be dry.

Autumn Tips for 2018

Autumn Tips for 2018

4. Soggy Phone Recovery

As said above, the rain brings, in addition to wet shoes, clothes, and yards, it’s also devastating to your electronic appliances, especially your phones. In fairness, this one doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a shot instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new phone. If you get your phone wet, to save it, place it in a container with uncooked, white rice, overnight. The salts in the rice with pull the moisture out of the phone, and hopefully save the functionality of your phone.

Autumn Tips for 2018

5. Functional Lunch Box for School

With the fall comes school. While at school, or work, you want to save lunch to be as fresh as possible. Re-purpose those old black CD cases into a lunch container. The air tight seal will conceal freshness and ensure a good meal, far better than any brown paper bag.

See picture below:

Fall Life Hacks

6. Heating Pinecones

Fall is a great time to decorate your home differently. But there’s no need to break the bank in doing so. Pine cones can be a very decorative piece for your the season, even a Thanksgiving table or on a coffee table. But Pinecones can be a hotbed for insects and other undesirables you wouldn’t like in your home. To prevent this, before displaying them, put them on a baking sheet and cook them at 250 degrees for about an hour. That will take care of any of those hitchhikers you wouldn’t want to display to guests.

Autumn Tips for 2018

Autumn Tips for 2018

7. Old Cinderblocks to Display Jack-o-lanterns on Old Cinder Blocks

This one is fun, but it may not be worth it to go out an purchase. But if you have some cinder blocks lying around, you can adjust them into being displays for Jack-O-Lanterns and candles, that will not burn and will be aesthetically pleasing.

Fall Life Hacks

8. Make Your Own Potpourri 

The smell of nature is one of the best parts of the season. Sure, you recreate this pleasing of the senses with a candle or a plug in spray. But these scents can be achieved in a cheap, simple way by making your own potpourri. Use a few cinnamon sticks, a couple sliced apples, some orange peels, cloves, and vanilla extract, and simmer them in a pot on a stove, and let simmer throughout the day (just keep adding water to prevent burning), and your home will smell amazing.

Autumn Tips for 2018

9. Making Your Own Candle Holders

This is an inexpensive way to display candles in a unique style for the season. Take a normal candle, the larger the better, and place them in a larger vase with space between the candle and the vase, pour popcorn kernels in the gaps and wrap a bow around the vase, and display it where appropriate.

Autumn Tips for 2018

Autumn Tips for 2018

10. Cleaning Gutters with Ease

Cleaning out their gutters, as simple as it seems in theory, lead to several people, every year, are injured or worse, by falling off a ladder, cutting hands, or risk something hitting them. Well avoid doing so, taking a shop vacuum and attach a PVC pipe that bends and simply do it from the ground. Your back will thank you, as will your friends and family be happy you did it in a safe and sound process.

Autumn Tips for 2018

11. Pumpkins for the Bathroom

Crafts can be blast, even more so when they are practical, and paramount when they are affordable and practical. Using your extra rolls of toilet paper, wrap them in cheap tissue paper (you can even use the packaging paper from a gift bag you may have received), then cut an old toilet paper roll and roll the cardboard into a stem, and even take leaves from outside and glue them to the top. Your guests will think it’s cute, with paying barely anything.

Fall life hacks

12. Use a Tarp to Assist You in Raking Leaves

We addressed leaves earlier. After the leaves are piled up with your trusty house fan, rake or blow the leaves onto a tarp! We’ve all had the struggle of raking leaves, then when putting them into leaf bags, half of the leaves fall out and become scattered all over again, causing you to have to do it all over again. Well work smarter, not harder. Rake the leaves onto a plastic tarp, then when full, just lift the tarp and dump into however you dispose of your leaves.

Autumn Tips for 2018

Autumn Tips for 2018

13. Home Made Centerpiece

Putting flowers or a centerpiece in the center of your table, makes the table look seem more welcoming. Why not make it have an autumn theme, when you don’t have to pay anything extra? Aside from the dried pine cones or corn kernel candle holders, you can take a normal pumpkin, hallow it out, then place a glass or even an aluminum can, for a candle or fill with some water, and fill with your choice of floral arrangement. This will sure to brighten up any meal.

Autumn Tips for 2018

14. Washing Potatoes Made Easy

Potatoes are a usual staple in any fall meal. The first part of creating the delicious side item is washing them. Some people washing them one by one in the sink, but why? Make it easy on yourself, especially if you’re making a lot of potatoes. Put them in the top shelf of your dishwasher and run them through a rinse cycle, without adding soap (hopefully).

15. Cooking Potatoes Made Easy

This works for corn as well. After washing your potatoes, you of course need to cook them. Well it could take a long time and sometimes you don’t have a pot big enough to fit all of them. Boil water in a normal pot or kettle, put the potatoes in a regular cooler, then once it the kettle boils, pour the water over the potatoes, close the lid to the cooler, and let the potatoes cook in the cooler, add more boiled water as needed.

Autumn Tips for 2018

Take These Tips and Enjoy This Beautiful Time of Year, And Save the Money for Holidays! ENJOY!

Fall Life Hacks

Presented By Deborah Kerr

Fall Life Hacks

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