Welcome to Metuchen, NJ

Metuchen is a bustling, little borough, located in Central New Jersey, as a part of Middlesex County, NJ. Beginning as a part of Woodbridge Township around 1870 and is currently surrounded by Edison Township (See related article: America’s Safest Cities, Edison, NJ). The best way to describe the geographic relationship between Edison and Metuchen, it Edison would be considered the doughnut, Metuchen would be the hole of the doughnut.

Metuchen really started becoming the Hub town it is, once the New Jersey Railroad (currently NJ Transit) was completed in 1830, connecting Metuchen with New York City and New Brunswick, NJ (Home of Rutgers University).

The Main Street area (where the Train station is located), then built itself up as a business district after the train’s establishment of typical 19th-century habitations, including several businesses, two taverns, hotels, post offices, and over a dozen dwellings. The town received another economic increase with the development of Middlesex/Essex Turnpike running less than a 1/4 of a mile away from the Metuchen

This business boom attracted a variety of free and different thinkers to the area, including artists, literary figures, and noted intellectuals, earning Metuchen a new nickname called “The Brainy Borough.” Which also attracted more businesses to the area, so much so that by Train Station (now consider Middlesex Avenue or Route 27). Because of its growth, and early development of its own identity, it became clear, that Metuchen should be independent of Woodbridge, NJ. In 1900, the borough of Metuchen was officially founded, naming the town after the Native American Chief of the Lenape Matouchin, as it was referred to by road builders since 1688, to the Overseer as being in charge of “the Metuchen District.” The bustling borough of Metuchen has seen so much growth and is always ready for more.

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