How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

Some local governments require that sellers provide buyers with a detailed home inspection while giving the buyer the option to obtain their own inspection. In other parts of the country, the seller only provides disclosures, and the buyer pays for their own home inspection. Whether you’re producing a seller’s home inspection for the buyer orContinue reading “How to Prepare for a Home Inspection”

5 Coronavirus Real Estate Myths Everyone Thinks Are True—Debunked

Over the past few decades, we have experienced the ups and downs of the real estate market. Some of us remember when the interest rate skyrocketed as high as 19%! Now we’ve experienced something entirely different regarding health. However, as has been said, “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.” Interest rates are the lowest ever and houses areContinue reading “5 Coronavirus Real Estate Myths Everyone Thinks Are True—Debunked”